Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to the Official BYUIA Blog!

Hello illustrators!

This is (if you couldn't tell by the title), the official blog for the BYU Illustrators' Association, where members can find out about the latest news, events, competitions, opportunities, etc. We also want it to be a place where members can share their latest illustration obsession, discuss techniques and materials, showcase their latest and greatest, or just shoot the breeze.

Basically, this is for connecting! We want to keep you in the loop, and we want your input! This will really be an amazing resource with your help, so we hope everyone can participate.

Above all, have fun! Let's make this a blog we want to visit every day!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hello Friends

So how does this work?  Is this a posting free for all?  Are we going to illustrate a common theme like the Avalanche blog?  Where would we get such themes?  Provide them ourselves?  Illustration Friday topics?

I'm game for whatever.  In fact I'd like a little of both.

We could have a time to post on a theme and then at the end of every month have a posting free for all with all kinds of work.

Just my two cents.

-Will Strong