Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice Illustrations

For those of us in the Narrative 2 class working on illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I thought that these collections of Alice Illustrations would be particularly interesting and useful. Even if you're not in the class, it's interesting to see how many different ways the same story can be illustrated.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

T-SHIRT winners!!

I's been forever. Things got super crazy there for a while; I apologize. Anyway, we have t-shirt design winners! It was a very close competition, but here is the final design:

[insert drum roll]


Ta-dah! Michelle Weaver is the designer of this lovely owl. Well done! Thanks to everyone else who participated. Really. The designs this year were amazing!

Because the designs were compatible, we will use Sarah Bowthorpe's oh-so-clever (and oh-so-true) phrase on the back of the shirt:

Again, this was such a fun competition. Thanks to all of you who participated and sent in designs! (Not to name names, but...thanks to Keri Dockter, Claire Plimpton, Nicole Hengen and Miranda Whitten, who designed our awesome runner-up!)

To all BYU-IA members: please e-mail your t-shirt size to on or before midnight on March 26th! I think they're normal mens' t-shirt sizes. If not, we'll let you know. Thanks!

Monday, March 8, 2010

when girls and boys had cooties.

Awww, the good old days of awkward introductions.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't this bad.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Weekly Doodle Time!

Hey party arty people~

Just so you know, we have not forgotten about our T-shirt contest designs! We're just waiting to hear back from the ultimate t-shirt man (aka dude who prints the shirts) on the word if we can print both sides. Then we can let you know which design(s) won. :)

To start off this week, we've decided to resurrect weekly doodles. The theme this time around?


Everyone in! Have at it!