Sunday, December 5, 2010


Get it?? Thanks in icky text slang + the abridged version of Christmas = Thanxmas!!! I thought you did. You also probably noticed how conveniently it is right between the two other real holidays that were never made up, and you're probably wondering if Kevin was actually ever going to post all the Thanxmas details in list format. Well wonder NO MORE!!!

-December 11th, 7:30pm, Brother Barrett's place - 897 Walnut Avenue, Provo, 84604.

-Bring a white elephant gift thing. Preferably something art-ish, that you made. or not. either one works.

-Light meal provided. Come and eat yours for free!!

-Need a ride? Have any questions/concerns? Tell it to somebody who cares (

-Celebrate Thanxmas

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Did Someone Say... Christmas Party?!?!

This is a secret that only you and your friends and anyone else you know can hear:

There is going to be a Christmas Party soon!

Really soon, like December the 11th soon.

And it's not going to be just any party - it's a Thanksmas (between Thanksgiving and Christmas - copyright phrase from Kevin) party. And it's well documented that all Thanksmas parties are automatically guaranteed to be awesome. If you think of the awesome-est party in your imagination, and it got in a fight with this Thanksmas party, the Thanksmas party would win.  


Such a party consists of glorious and appetizing snack foods, pretty much the coolest people you'll ever meet, and...

Christmas Art!

This art will come from YOU, who has such creativity and talent that we know you're dying to do something with it all. Just bring a little doodle, sketch, or finished piece with you, maybe 4"x6" or something around that size, that has a Christmas theme.

The reason for the Christmas art?

Because we can. Also, because we're illustrators - that's just one of the cool things we do, right?

The details like the time and place will be posted later when we have more information.

Also, if you go to this party, this is what you will look like:


- Thanksmas party on Saturday, December 11th.
- Bring cool Christmas-themed art.
- This is a party for anyone and everyone - not just BYUIA members.
- Time and place to be posted at a later date.
- Please RSVP as soon as possible to the email we have sent.
- Let us know if you need rides, we'll figure that out later too.

Pass this secret on to everyone you know, because you only get a Thanksmas Party once a year.

And the winner is...

The voting is in! Congrats to Miranda Whitten for winning the t-shirt contest! This year's t-shirts will certainly improve all wearers' awesomeness to levels beyond comprehension! Thanks to everyone who entered. The entries were great this year. And thanks to everyone for voting, too :)

We'll be getting back to all you BYUIA members ASAP when the t-shirts are ready. If you haven't yet sent your t-shirt size to, please do so now! Otherwise we can't order your shirt for you!

In the meantime, feel free to continue gazing at Miranda's design and envisioning how cool you will look wearing it.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Okay, I'ma make this short and sweet because (i may or may not have about 3 paintings due at 1pm...and haven't made it far....*cough*) I don't want you to have to wait in any more suspense about our t-shirt finalists!

Okay, in no particular order, they are:

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3
Basically, no matter who wins, our t-shirts are gonna be SWEET this year.

So, for all you BYUIA club members, here's your simple steps: 
1) Pick your favorite
2) E-mail it to us at either TODAY OR TOMORROW (Tuesday Nov 23) by midnight!
3) (optional) Visualize how hotttt you're gonna look in these

If you are any of the creators of these final designs, please have your image in vector format so it'll be ready for printing (just in case) :)

We will also enter these finalists into an online t-shirt contest! More on that to come. Thank you and good work to EVERYONE who was a close vote and we had amazing entries this year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hooray for COMMUNISM!!!!! (if you're into that sort of thing, that is..)
Just thought I'd represent some other parties out there to sort of keep the blog balanced, with the previous post and everything... haha.

Speaking of parties, word is there's going to be an art jam.
This Thursday. (NOV. 18TH)
Same place. (ILL. STUDIO, F-455, HFAC)
Same Time. (7PM)

Side note - I think I rather enjoy "ILL. STUDIO" you know? It's like saying "the cool studio" subliminally through a suggestive abbreviation that looks like some kind of colloquialism, but it isn't.

Oh wait - it is.


T-Shirt Contest Entries!! Finally!

Hello BYUIA members! We finally have some beautiful options for your FREE T-SHIRT. Since we all like the democratic process (well, any Marxists out there?), we will have one or two voting sessions so YOU can choose what image represents us best in body and spirit(Did you notice how I italicized spirit, to convey its abstract nature? Clever, eh?)

Here's what you do:
1) Be a BYUIA Member (e-mail us if you wanna be!
2) Mosey on over to F-455 HFAC (BFA Studio)
3) Pick a piece of paper and write your NAME on it, along with your VOTE
4) Repeat step 3. (THAT'S RIGHT. YOU GET TWO VOTES!!!! so make 'em good)
5) Do all this before Saturday, Nov 20.

On Monday, Nov 22 and Tuesday Nov 23, check your e-mail and this blog because we will have our TOP THREE DESIGNS battling for the coveted club t-shirt design for this year. Then, you may E-MAIL ONE VOTE out of those final three.

Make sense?

Keep an eye out, and have a wonderful week-before-Thanksgiving. Stay sane! Anyways, here are the anonymous entries in no specific order:

These were all entered into the contest with thought and care by your fellow illustration students, so please look over these options carefully! Click on the photos to check out detailed, larger images.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


friends-- everyone come to the ARRT JAAAMM tonight.

illustration studio, f-455 h-fac.

bring foods. or don't. whatever. music will be provided.

oh...and our T-SHIRT designs will officially be announced and voting will begin! WHACHOW!!! (you can interpret that sound effect however you'd like). 

but. yeah. be there.  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


yep. you guessed it, as the title of this post may have subtly hinted to your ever observant eyes - the t-shirt contest deadline has been extended.
what does this all mean??? duh. you know what this all means, so let's get down to business:

Tuesday, November 9TH. submissions must be in by midnight, because everything's more dramatic the darker gets.
there's been some confusion, some stress, and maybe some other stuff. this post is to here to squelch (cool word..) any of that. *ahem*

what this contest is all about: you're a club member - if you want, you make a shirt design for the club - if you win, your shirt design is mass produced for all the club members. pretty simple right? right.

so if you're one of those cool club members who is jus
t dying to get in on this shirt designing action, but has no idea what to do... allow me to provide some helpful tips so that you can remain amongst the living:
-it would probably help if you did something..
-the design can be ANYTHING. for example: a cream cheese danish, Godzilla feeling kinda bad about all the stuff he did to Japan, a shiny tin can, an explosion, 4 explosions, sean connery's mother - beard and all... wait, what?
-if you NEED direction... start with putting the following combination of words/letters/and or numbers together "BYU-IA 2010-2011" ... or "BYU ILLUSTRATORS' ASSOCIATION" i'm not saying any of that NEEDS to be on the shirt... but it would definitely help identify what the shirt is all about. but seriously no need to worry about that part if you are indeed worrying at this very moment. just stop it. you're not doing yourself or anyone else any favors if you keep that up.

you get the idea. the cooler the shirt, the cooler a chance it has at winning. cool? cool.
as extra incentive, we'll be submitting the coolest shirts into other cool shirt contests via the information superhighway. no strings attached. except if you win anything, you get to win that thing. that's pretty much the only string attached. the string that connects you and winning together. yeah, that string.

also, below i've provided a helpful diagram i constructed in the event that some of you require visual aids to help understand the complicated inner-workings of the t-shirt contest. enjoy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

money, t-shirts, and vending machines, oh my!

If you decide to CLICK HERE, you will find a really cool opportunity to win $10,000 (plus $1,000 for our school). With your ARTWORK. I think you should click there....just sayin'.

AND remember that our T-SHIRT CONTEST DEADLINE is approaching. Monday.

AND the VENDING MACHINE SHOW is tonight! Huzzah!

What better way could you spend Halloween weekend then to make some cool artwork to win loads of moneys, make some cool artwork to possibly be displayed on this year's BYUIA t-shirts that EV-ER-Y-one in the club will be wearing, and then buy some cool artwork from VENDING MACHINES that you can feel good about buying because your money will be going to the United Way Food Coalition?!

Can this weekend get any better?! I submit that it CANNOT!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Art Jam Aftermath

This is what results from a late evening listening to random music and twiddling your thumbs. Really fun though. Almost therapeutic actually--and I mean that in the grooviest way possible.

To all the rest of you who have something to show for last week's activity, let's see it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colt's Show + ART JAM

Hey guys, everyone should go support Colt in his art show this Friday! As many of you know, he has some awesome stuff. Click here to bask in the aesthetic beauty.

PS, Don't forget the ART JAM tonight! 7pm! F-455, HFAC!

Also, if anyone in the BYU-IA would like to announce any other cool events or anything on this blog, do so! If you don't have blog user access, e-mail us at and we'll fix that or post it for you. Depending on how awesome you are. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

...and the 2010 Vending Machine Show!

So this is the post most people should be really excited about.

Q: "But Adam, what is this show for? And what's with the vending machines?"

This show is one of the best opportunities of the school year to collaborate with other students from other areas and come together all in the name of making art. Then the art gets sold, and all the proceeds go to the United Way Food Coalition. So really, you get to feed both your creative and sensitive/charitable side. Facebook doesn't let you do that.

Q: "You didn't answer my question about the vending machines."

True. And even though this last "question" from you wasn't technically even a question, I'll answer it anyway. It has vending machines because it's called the Vending Machine Show (or is it the other way around?). Some of the art will be made to fit within and then be distributed from said vending machines. But don't worry if you feel your art can't be restricted by such small dimensions. We'll also be putting larger work on the floor. It's all going to be held in the BF Larsen main floor on Saturday, October 30th at 6pm.

Q: "Cool. I like vending machines. So when is this Show going to be held?"
You weren't paying attention, were you? Go back and read the last part of the previous answer.

Q: "Okay. Give me a second... Wait--isn't that Halloween Eve? What about my social life?"
First of all, I'm not responsible for your social life. Secondly, there's no such thing as Halloween Eve. But I will say that we are advertising this as a Halloween Party, in addition to a fund-raising event. So there will be food, music, and general merry making. And costumes are very much welcome.

So there you have it folks. Start your art making! And as an additional plug for the BYUIA, let me say that the upcoming Art Jams are perfect occasions for making awesome art to contribute to the show. Remember, the more art submitted, the more money raised, and the more fun to be had. That's a proven formula people, so don't fight it.

Now, get back to your desks and easels!!!

Annual Student Meeting...

Everyone needs to come. Your boyfriends and girlfriends should come too (although, hopefully you'd just be bringing one, and not two as some may have inferred from the wording). It's THIS coming Thursday, October 14th at 11:00AM, in the Pardoe Theater. I know none of you have class during this period, so that excuse is out the window. All other excuses are also invalid, so there is no reason for the Illustration Department to be poorly represented.

There ought to be an email being forwarded to the entire student body shortly as well, so be looking for that. The goal of this Student Meeting is to make students more aware of the changes being made in the Visual Art Department, as well as allow them to voice additional questions or concerns. Plus, there's gonna be swag. You know... free stuff.

And if you're one of those who may not be bringing a significant other to this event, who knows--this could be your moment. Yes, I am implying what you're probably thinking I am.

So, whether you come to be informed, complain, collect, or find love, be there. This Thursday.

Friday, October 8, 2010


"The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate, it's the sand of the Colosseum. He'll bring them death and they will love him for it."
. . . And here we are yet again, with another tournament of sorts.
Graphically pitting hungry illustrator against illustrator in epic gladiator fashion as all compete for the iconic 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' through grit, sweat, tears, vectors, and maybe even a few expletives -- the T-Shirt Contest is upon us. Let us KILL IT!!

Colosseum Rules:
- Only BYU Illustrator's Association (BYU-IA) club members may enter
- Final T-shirt designs MUST be in vector format
- You may submit as many designs as you'd like, to enhance your chances of survival/ultimate victory
- 2-3 Colors.
- Submit all entries to BYUILLUSTRATORS@GMAIL.COM
- Death smiles at us all. All [we] can do is smile back

With all these references to the 1992 motion picture, "Gladiator," I'm almost starting to wish I had a similar theme with the flier. . . but I digress.

Upcoming Art Jams:

As the flier indicates, we've also got some upcoming art jams.
Unlike the exclusive nature of the t-shirt contest, everyone who exists on planet earth is invited to come. sorry martians. we're just too cool for you guys . . .

Art Jam Dates ** Oct. 15th, and Oct. 27th, 7PM, room F455 of the HFAC **

Come work on assignments, or procrastinate them by participating in the art jam "theme" we'll be having, say things at people, interpret sound waves with your brain and understand them as music, other people talking, etc. and so forth. Legend has it that those who come will have a good time.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

BYU Illustration: We. Are. Awesome.

check this out!

also, don't forget that today is GREG MANCHESS day!!! see previous post (you know. the one with all the explosions and stuff)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Introducing . . .


Greg Manchess will be guest speaking/demoing/and overall awesome-ing whilst on BYU campus this Thursday. BE THERE or be . . . somewhere else. You'll probably retain your level of coolness wherever you decided to be, however, the coolness of your Thursday could vary greatly based on wise decisions and careful planning. Doesn't that sound like a fortune cookie? COME. FULFILL YOUR DESTINY. PARTICIPATE IN FORETOLD EVENTS OF THE FUTURE!!

Fulfillment of Destiny Itinerary, featuring Greg Manchess:

Sept. 30th, Thursday, 2010
1pm - 4pm ------->PAINTING DEMO in A-560 of the HFAC
7pm - 9:30pm ---->PRESENTATION in NELKE THEATRE of the HFAC

That is all.
Not enough unnecessary capitalization, large fonts and exclamatory points to convince you?
Feel free to peruse Greg's site at your own leisure while you make up your mind via both conveniently placed hyperlinks at the top of this post, and at the bottom which is actually all these words I've just finished typing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I.llustrators A.ssemble!

Here are the notes from the September 9th Info Meeting! For all you who missed out on the food and fun, here's the info that went along with it:

Club Incentives/Club Fee -- $25 for the entire year 
  • 15% off at Artist's Corner in Orem (Utrecht Supplier) 
  • 12% off at
  • Access to the BYU-IA wholesale framing account
  • BYU-IA T-shirt
  • BYU-IA Postcard Block (displaying artwork of students in the club: each gets their own postcard)
  • Discounted fees when applying to Illustration contests
  • BYU-IA smaller parties
  • Studio case -- a chance to display your artwork
    We will get a hold of you regarding events by....
    -E-mail (let us know if you'd like to be added to the list)
    -Blog (all e-mails will lead you to the blog--it's where most the details will be so check it! We'll even link it so you just have to click one more time)
    -Facebook (we are working on getting access to this one)
    -Fliers in classes and on studio doors (Studio is F-455)

    Some awesome events coming up:
    -ART JAMS -- We're thinking somewhere in the week around the 16th of October...where we will all meet in the studio, and you are free to: work on unfinished class projects, participate in ongoing demos (or present a demo if you learned a cool technique), participate in a "theme" (similar to last year's weekly doodles), work on your artwork for upcoming contests and shows...

    -...which leads us to: T-SHIRT CONTEST! We are still figuring out logistics of printing, so we're not sure of the details yet. But be working on ideas (they will probably need to end up as vector files, like Adobe Illustrator, etc).

    -The Vending Machine Show -- this is a department-sponsored event and anyone can enter. Start making smallish pieces to enter and sell in the show!

    We're starting the Mentoring Program!

    If you think, "I need someone to... [___________]", then we get you one!

    (the blank could be filled with something like: "give me advice regarding the illustration program/give me advice regarding a class/provide feedback for a piece of art I'm working on/bounce ideas off of someone" know. something like that.)

    So if you didn't sign up at the meeting, leave a comment here or e-mail us at

    Those who did sign up should be notified soon via e-mail.

    This will be such a great year!

    Monday, September 6, 2010


    Hey hey hey!

    The BYUIA is back, and we're back with a vengeance! This year is going to rock so hard we'll barely be able to contain the awesomeness.

    We're kicking the year off with an opening social/information meeting. This meeting is for ANY illustration student, regardless of whether or not you are in the club. There, you will find information on:
    -How to get involved in the BYU-IA
    -Our brand-new mentoring program (way sweet)
    -How to become involved in the Illustration program
    -Get a heads-up on opportunities, events, and happenings that are coming soon to help you really jump-start your career if you can prepare now


    free food.


    A coloring contest. If you print the following flier (or come to the BFA studio to grab a copy)....

    and color it with crayons, and bring it to the can be rewarded for your fine work.

    So, everyone be there! PLEASE try to make it. It will be an hour of food, fun, and information that is geared to help YOU, the aspiring illustration student. 

    See you Thursday! If you have any questions, e-mail us at

    Tuesday, August 24, 2010


    Hey all you BYU-IA peeps! 

    School's almost here and I've been in denial until I realized that we're going to have an awesome BYU-IA this year. Get excited now! 

    And remember Will Strong, last year's BYU-IA fearless leader? Well, check this out: 

    He's in this group, and both he and the other fellas are absolutely amazing artists. These events are going to be great! These guys really know their stuff. To learn more about Brotique, click here.  

    And stay tuned for upcoming BYU-IA activities! It'll be sweeeeet. Promise.

    Monday, April 19, 2010


    Hi people! Our T-shirts are HERE! If you're in the studio, I'll just put yours on your desk so look for it. If not, please pick it up tomorrow, April 20 at the BFA studio, F-455 of the H-fac. I'll be there between noon and 2 pm so I can check you off the list. If you can't make it at that time, I totally understand. Just let me know and we can work something out. Thanks!

    Monday, April 5, 2010


    Sorry, folks, just got word that the party has been cancelled. Sorry to those who were excited for it!

    So...check this out: (click to enlarge)

    Please remember:

    1) This is a pot-luck. Please sign up to bring something on the back of the studio door (F-255 in the H-fac) or e-mail back to us and we can assign you something.

    2) We'd like to have some caricatures--just line drawings--of any of our professors (especially Bro. Newbold since we don't have a game for him yet), so we can bring crayons and color! ...Since that's what we do. If anyone's interested, just let us know (or just do it) but get your drawing to us by Friday at 3pm and we'll make copies for everyone. If not, our party will be coloring page-less, but still rockin.

    It's gonna be great! Bring whomever you'd like --even non-art people (yeah, we like them too) :) -- everyone in!

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Alice Illustrations

    For those of us in the Narrative 2 class working on illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I thought that these collections of Alice Illustrations would be particularly interesting and useful. Even if you're not in the class, it's interesting to see how many different ways the same story can be illustrated.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    T-SHIRT winners!!

    I's been forever. Things got super crazy there for a while; I apologize. Anyway, we have t-shirt design winners! It was a very close competition, but here is the final design:

    [insert drum roll]


    Ta-dah! Michelle Weaver is the designer of this lovely owl. Well done! Thanks to everyone else who participated. Really. The designs this year were amazing!

    Because the designs were compatible, we will use Sarah Bowthorpe's oh-so-clever (and oh-so-true) phrase on the back of the shirt:

    Again, this was such a fun competition. Thanks to all of you who participated and sent in designs! (Not to name names, but...thanks to Keri Dockter, Claire Plimpton, Nicole Hengen and Miranda Whitten, who designed our awesome runner-up!)

    To all BYU-IA members: please e-mail your t-shirt size to on or before midnight on March 26th! I think they're normal mens' t-shirt sizes. If not, we'll let you know. Thanks!

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    when girls and boys had cooties.

    Awww, the good old days of awkward introductions.

    Ok, so maybe it wasn't this bad.

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    It's Weekly Doodle Time!

    Hey party arty people~

    Just so you know, we have not forgotten about our T-shirt contest designs! We're just waiting to hear back from the ultimate t-shirt man (aka dude who prints the shirts) on the word if we can print both sides. Then we can let you know which design(s) won. :)

    To start off this week, we've decided to resurrect weekly doodles. The theme this time around?


    Everyone in! Have at it!

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    BYU Illustration Wins 2010 SOI Student Competition (7 Times!)

    The Society of Illustrators just announced their winners for this year's Student Scholarship competition. If you don't know what the SOI is just think of it as a the Screen Actors Guild for Illustrators. The Student Scholarship Competition is a way for the SOI to recognize up and coming talent.

    This year BYU got in 7 entries! Big BIG WOOT!

    Here are BYU's winners (student and entry):

    Anna Doxey/Eggelston:

    Anthony Holden:

    Will Strong:

    Houston Trueblood:

    Steven Waggoner:

    Kelly Weed:

    Jacob Wyatt:

    Congratulations to everybody. This is a very strong showing from BYU this year. Other schools got in more than 15 or 20 but those schools have about 3000 illustration students attending. BYU has one of the highest ratios of winning entries to number of students in the program.

    Rock on everybody.

    You can see all of the winning entries here. Congrats to everybody.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Color Management Class!

    Just an announcement: Ellis Elkins is teaching a color management class this THURSDAY--11 am, in A-550 of the H-fac. That's the day after tomorrow -- and it will be SO helpful. Color management is NOT editing photos, but making sure that the colors you see on your monitor when creating or editing an image are the same that come out when exporting it to a client, or when printing. It's really valuable information. Hope to see you all there!

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Ron Mazellan: THIS Tuesday Tuesday TUESDAY

    Don't forget that we have another guest artist visiting this Tuesday Feb 16. Ron Mazellan has been an illustrator for over twenty years, has bridged market venues such as advertising, editorial and publishing industries and within recent years has committed his talent to the children's book market. He will be speaking during his time here about his art, process and influences.

    Come and learn from another successful illustrator!

    His evening lecture will be:
    Tuesday Feb 16, 7:00 pm in the Nelke Theater

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    they're here: t-shirt FINALISTS!

    Okay, here are the finals! Thanks SO much everyone who entered. We had excellent designs this year and we appreciate your participation! We're looking into printing on both the front and back of the shirts, but haven't gotten a price yet. So hopefully, we can get two of these designs on the same shirt. Anyway, cast your vote! Instructions below.

    How BYU-IA Members vote::
    1. Check out these designs and pick your favorite
    2. Wander on over to the hall in front of F-455 in the H-fac (the Illustration BFA studio)
    3. Take a yellow slip of paper (on the wall) and write your name and favorite t-shirt
    4. Put the paper in the folder with the rad drawing of a dude saying "VOTE HERE" before THIS Monday, February 15th.
    5. Wait in stunned excitement for your most awesome t-shirt.

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    Illustrators' Showcase: FRIDAY!

    check this out! for all you BYU illustrators (including alumni and pre-majors) we're still accepting entries tomorrow! get them to will. we'll even accept them on friday BEFORE 1PM if you give them to me (that's when i'll leave to hang them).

    for everyone else, print this out and help us advertise! even if you don't have a piece in the show, it's going to be a good time. note: there will be free food and two live bands. huzzah!

    Information Meeting: TOMORROW

    sorry it's such late notice, folks. it's been a crazy two weeks. hope to see you all there! it really will be super helpful to come.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Useful Face Reference

    I didn't know of any other place but the blog to post this, so every one enjoy:

    This was created by Shane T. Lewis.

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Society of Illustrators Competition! This week!


    This is a great opportunity to get your work shown-- very prestigious competition. Cash prizes. All-around Awesome. Cheap entry fee. Seriously, submit as many as you can afford.

    Entries due on Friday, Jan 29th
    (the website says February 1st but we need time to submit all the entries: you cannot submit an entry independently)

    Email all entries to Will Strong:

    Entry Specifications: 72 DPI, RGB, JPEG at 500 pixels on its longest side, horizontal or vertical. (If you need help please contact Will Strong.)

    In your email please specify the following: Your Name, Name of Piece, Name of Instructor, Medium

    $5 fee per entry (cash or check made out to BYU)

    Please get all money to Will ON or BEFORE the deadline (we cannot submit your entry without the money)

    Questions? Contact Will Strong:

    Showcase Your Work!

    Be a part of the
    BYU Illustrator Showcase 2010
    a local art show at the Provo Health and Justice Building.

    No Jury = No Pressure (You frame it and we’ll hang it.)

    Entries due to Will Strong on Thursday, February 4th (delivered to the BFA Studio, F-455 in the H-FAC).

    All entries must be framed with a wire, all ready to hang. $2 hanging fee per piece. $1 fee for BYUIA members

    Show off your work. Come to a fun reception. Be part of the Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll.

    Questions? Contact Will Strong:

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010


    All right, people, look alive! On behalf of the BYUIA officers, I apologize for our month-long blog/communication hiatus. I submit that we compensate by presenting these awesome t-shirt designs submitted by such rad folks as yourselves!

    the five t-shirts below are different entries-- the backs and fronts of shirts are shown:
    How BYU-IA Members vote::
    1. Check out these designs and pick your top TWO favorites
    2. Wander on over to the hall in front of F-455 in the H-fac (the Illustration BFA studio)
    3. Take a yellow slip of paper (on the wall) and put your name and two favorite t-shirts
    4. Put the paper in the folder with the rad drawing of a dude saying "VOTE HERE" before january 26th
    5. Wait to hear what our top 3 finalists will be!

    For everyone else::

    If you'd like one of these snazzy t-shirts, go on up to E-509 RIGHT NOW and sign up with the secretary to be a BYU-IA member. Cost is $35 per year, and it includes awesome discounts at places like, Artist's Corner, and access to our wholesale framing account. For details, comment on this post or e-mail us at If you join, PLEASE let us know so we can add you to the list.

    THEN you, too can vote and walk around wearing a sweet shirt, saving of money on all sorts of artsty stuff. Aaah, yeeeah.

    We were so happy with the turnout this year. Thanks to all of you who submitted entries!