Monday, November 22, 2010


Okay, I'ma make this short and sweet because (i may or may not have about 3 paintings due at 1pm...and haven't made it far....*cough*) I don't want you to have to wait in any more suspense about our t-shirt finalists!

Okay, in no particular order, they are:

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3
Basically, no matter who wins, our t-shirts are gonna be SWEET this year.

So, for all you BYUIA club members, here's your simple steps: 
1) Pick your favorite
2) E-mail it to us at either TODAY OR TOMORROW (Tuesday Nov 23) by midnight!
3) (optional) Visualize how hotttt you're gonna look in these

If you are any of the creators of these final designs, please have your image in vector format so it'll be ready for printing (just in case) :)

We will also enter these finalists into an online t-shirt contest! More on that to come. Thank you and good work to EVERYONE who was a close vote and we had amazing entries this year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hooray for COMMUNISM!!!!! (if you're into that sort of thing, that is..)
Just thought I'd represent some other parties out there to sort of keep the blog balanced, with the previous post and everything... haha.

Speaking of parties, word is there's going to be an art jam.
This Thursday. (NOV. 18TH)
Same place. (ILL. STUDIO, F-455, HFAC)
Same Time. (7PM)

Side note - I think I rather enjoy "ILL. STUDIO" you know? It's like saying "the cool studio" subliminally through a suggestive abbreviation that looks like some kind of colloquialism, but it isn't.

Oh wait - it is.


T-Shirt Contest Entries!! Finally!

Hello BYUIA members! We finally have some beautiful options for your FREE T-SHIRT. Since we all like the democratic process (well, any Marxists out there?), we will have one or two voting sessions so YOU can choose what image represents us best in body and spirit(Did you notice how I italicized spirit, to convey its abstract nature? Clever, eh?)

Here's what you do:
1) Be a BYUIA Member (e-mail us if you wanna be!
2) Mosey on over to F-455 HFAC (BFA Studio)
3) Pick a piece of paper and write your NAME on it, along with your VOTE
4) Repeat step 3. (THAT'S RIGHT. YOU GET TWO VOTES!!!! so make 'em good)
5) Do all this before Saturday, Nov 20.

On Monday, Nov 22 and Tuesday Nov 23, check your e-mail and this blog because we will have our TOP THREE DESIGNS battling for the coveted club t-shirt design for this year. Then, you may E-MAIL ONE VOTE out of those final three.

Make sense?

Keep an eye out, and have a wonderful week-before-Thanksgiving. Stay sane! Anyways, here are the anonymous entries in no specific order:

These were all entered into the contest with thought and care by your fellow illustration students, so please look over these options carefully! Click on the photos to check out detailed, larger images.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


friends-- everyone come to the ARRT JAAAMM tonight.

illustration studio, f-455 h-fac.

bring foods. or don't. whatever. music will be provided.

oh...and our T-SHIRT designs will officially be announced and voting will begin! WHACHOW!!! (you can interpret that sound effect however you'd like). 

but. yeah. be there.  

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


yep. you guessed it, as the title of this post may have subtly hinted to your ever observant eyes - the t-shirt contest deadline has been extended.
what does this all mean??? duh. you know what this all means, so let's get down to business:

Tuesday, November 9TH. submissions must be in by midnight, because everything's more dramatic the darker gets.
there's been some confusion, some stress, and maybe some other stuff. this post is to here to squelch (cool word..) any of that. *ahem*

what this contest is all about: you're a club member - if you want, you make a shirt design for the club - if you win, your shirt design is mass produced for all the club members. pretty simple right? right.

so if you're one of those cool club members who is jus
t dying to get in on this shirt designing action, but has no idea what to do... allow me to provide some helpful tips so that you can remain amongst the living:
-it would probably help if you did something..
-the design can be ANYTHING. for example: a cream cheese danish, Godzilla feeling kinda bad about all the stuff he did to Japan, a shiny tin can, an explosion, 4 explosions, sean connery's mother - beard and all... wait, what?
-if you NEED direction... start with putting the following combination of words/letters/and or numbers together "BYU-IA 2010-2011" ... or "BYU ILLUSTRATORS' ASSOCIATION" i'm not saying any of that NEEDS to be on the shirt... but it would definitely help identify what the shirt is all about. but seriously no need to worry about that part if you are indeed worrying at this very moment. just stop it. you're not doing yourself or anyone else any favors if you keep that up.

you get the idea. the cooler the shirt, the cooler a chance it has at winning. cool? cool.
as extra incentive, we'll be submitting the coolest shirts into other cool shirt contests via the information superhighway. no strings attached. except if you win anything, you get to win that thing. that's pretty much the only string attached. the string that connects you and winning together. yeah, that string.

also, below i've provided a helpful diagram i constructed in the event that some of you require visual aids to help understand the complicated inner-workings of the t-shirt contest. enjoy.