Thursday, September 30, 2010

BYU Illustration: We. Are. Awesome.

check this out!

also, don't forget that today is GREG MANCHESS day!!! see previous post (you know. the one with all the explosions and stuff)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Introducing . . .


Greg Manchess will be guest speaking/demoing/and overall awesome-ing whilst on BYU campus this Thursday. BE THERE or be . . . somewhere else. You'll probably retain your level of coolness wherever you decided to be, however, the coolness of your Thursday could vary greatly based on wise decisions and careful planning. Doesn't that sound like a fortune cookie? COME. FULFILL YOUR DESTINY. PARTICIPATE IN FORETOLD EVENTS OF THE FUTURE!!

Fulfillment of Destiny Itinerary, featuring Greg Manchess:

Sept. 30th, Thursday, 2010
1pm - 4pm ------->PAINTING DEMO in A-560 of the HFAC
7pm - 9:30pm ---->PRESENTATION in NELKE THEATRE of the HFAC

That is all.
Not enough unnecessary capitalization, large fonts and exclamatory points to convince you?
Feel free to peruse Greg's site at your own leisure while you make up your mind via both conveniently placed hyperlinks at the top of this post, and at the bottom which is actually all these words I've just finished typing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I.llustrators A.ssemble!

Here are the notes from the September 9th Info Meeting! For all you who missed out on the food and fun, here's the info that went along with it:

Club Incentives/Club Fee -- $25 for the entire year 
  • 15% off at Artist's Corner in Orem (Utrecht Supplier) 
  • 12% off at
  • Access to the BYU-IA wholesale framing account
  • BYU-IA T-shirt
  • BYU-IA Postcard Block (displaying artwork of students in the club: each gets their own postcard)
  • Discounted fees when applying to Illustration contests
  • BYU-IA smaller parties
  • Studio case -- a chance to display your artwork
    We will get a hold of you regarding events by....
    -E-mail (let us know if you'd like to be added to the list)
    -Blog (all e-mails will lead you to the blog--it's where most the details will be so check it! We'll even link it so you just have to click one more time)
    -Facebook (we are working on getting access to this one)
    -Fliers in classes and on studio doors (Studio is F-455)

    Some awesome events coming up:
    -ART JAMS -- We're thinking somewhere in the week around the 16th of October...where we will all meet in the studio, and you are free to: work on unfinished class projects, participate in ongoing demos (or present a demo if you learned a cool technique), participate in a "theme" (similar to last year's weekly doodles), work on your artwork for upcoming contests and shows...

    -...which leads us to: T-SHIRT CONTEST! We are still figuring out logistics of printing, so we're not sure of the details yet. But be working on ideas (they will probably need to end up as vector files, like Adobe Illustrator, etc).

    -The Vending Machine Show -- this is a department-sponsored event and anyone can enter. Start making smallish pieces to enter and sell in the show!

    We're starting the Mentoring Program!

    If you think, "I need someone to... [___________]", then we get you one!

    (the blank could be filled with something like: "give me advice regarding the illustration program/give me advice regarding a class/provide feedback for a piece of art I'm working on/bounce ideas off of someone" know. something like that.)

    So if you didn't sign up at the meeting, leave a comment here or e-mail us at

    Those who did sign up should be notified soon via e-mail.

    This will be such a great year!

    Monday, September 6, 2010


    Hey hey hey!

    The BYUIA is back, and we're back with a vengeance! This year is going to rock so hard we'll barely be able to contain the awesomeness.

    We're kicking the year off with an opening social/information meeting. This meeting is for ANY illustration student, regardless of whether or not you are in the club. There, you will find information on:
    -How to get involved in the BYU-IA
    -Our brand-new mentoring program (way sweet)
    -How to become involved in the Illustration program
    -Get a heads-up on opportunities, events, and happenings that are coming soon to help you really jump-start your career if you can prepare now


    free food.


    A coloring contest. If you print the following flier (or come to the BFA studio to grab a copy)....

    and color it with crayons, and bring it to the can be rewarded for your fine work.

    So, everyone be there! PLEASE try to make it. It will be an hour of food, fun, and information that is geared to help YOU, the aspiring illustration student. 

    See you Thursday! If you have any questions, e-mail us at