Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome to Winter Semester Brownie Bash!

Hi everyone! We're having a get together! Check it out:

Please come! It's a great way to start out your new semester!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Beginning for the BYUIA Blog

Hi everyone!

We're starting up this blog again for the purpose of getting our activities to a broader audience. We're excited to start having more regular activities.We would like to get your input on the new activities before we set them in stone. Here is the list of proposed activities:

ThankxMas Party! - Ugly Sweaters, White Elephant Gifts & Treats! (This one is already in the plans for December 1st, more info. coming soon!)

Caricature Workshop with Kim Bennett

Wreck it Ralph at Varsity Theater on Club tab

BFA Application Prep Student Panel (with students wanting to get into the BFA and students in the BFA currently.) 

Framing/Hanging a Show Resource Day with Jason

Collaborative Drawing Day (like an add on painting that we all contribute too)

Society of Illustrators Competition

Guest Artist Lectures
Carie Henrie/ Annie Henrie - Marketing/Galleries/What to do when you graduate

Grad School info from Alumni

Brownie Days (get together in the BFA studio, or a classroom and get to know each other, share art, socialize, etc.)
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT about what you would be most interested in participating in. :) Thanks!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Foolin' Around Provo Opening Night!

Tonight at 7 pm will be the opening reception for the Foolin' Around Provo Art Exhibit. It is part of the Provo Gallery Stroll, and we would love to have as many people as possible come and see everything downtown Provo has to offer (not just us).

As a reminder, the exhibit is located in Provo Town Square, off of center street and next to Comedy Sportz. Our exhibit is in a hallway inside next to Spicy Corea and Danbury's Barbershop. You should be able to find it pretty quickly.

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DVA Art Party

Show up. Plan art. Feel cool. Need we say more?

Come to the kickoff party next Thursday to learn more!

Friday, February 11, 2011

BYU Students Win Society of Illustrators Student Competition!

The Society of Illustrators just announced their winners for this year's Student Scholarship competition. If you don't know what the SOI is just think of it as a the Screen Actors Guild for Illustrators. The Student Scholarship Competition is a way for the SOI to recognize up and coming talent.

This year we got two students in! The winners are:

Elisabeth Pulido: A Lack of Practice

Tyler Carter: Crisium

BYU did really well, especially since the competition this year was very steep. Although other schools had several pieces accepted, BYU has one of the highest ratios of winning entries to number of students in the program. We held our own against schools with 3,000+ art students.

Congrats to Liz and Tyler and thanks to everyone who entered!

Monday, January 31, 2011



check out the facebook event for all the details and RSVP!!

(this is the opening show with all the hallabaloo. the show will be up til feb. 25th)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Society of Illustrators' Student Competition: DUE TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY) AT MIDNIGHT. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- $5 per piece
- Any student can enter
digital files--
1.You have to submit it to us at this email: It MUST be submitted through the department.
2. 72 DPI, RGB, JPEG at 500 pixels on its longest side, horizontal or vertical.
3. Due any time today -- January 24th, 2011
4. As many entries as you want, $5 an entry. Checks only, put them on my (Kristin's) desk in F-455.
5. With your submissions we need "Your Name, Name of Piece, Name of Instructor* (If done in a class), Medium"
*If it's an out-of-class piece, just put the name of the professor who has influenced your aesthetic style or just put Richard Hull, as he is program director this year.  

purpose: this is the single largest and most important illustration competition and BYU ROCKED it last year! Get all the details about it here.


Illustration Student Showcase: DUE TOMORROW (THURSDAY) any time BEFORE 6 PM
- $2 per entry or $1 if you're a BYUIA member
- check only, please. Address it to BYU Illustrators' Association; put it in the box on Kristin's desk, F-455
- drop them off to the BFA Studio, F-455 also on my desk (there is a big sign above it)
- must be ready to hang with wire on back (if you have questions about this, feel free to ask me)
- due any time today
- ***sign a release form (will be on Kristin's desk) and write the specs on your pieces.*** Look at the signs on my desk for complete info about this :)
- for BYU Pre-illustration, BA Illustration, BFA Illustration, or Illustration Alumni!

purpose: this is OUR show! JUST the Illustrators. Awesome. It will be part of Provo's First Friday Gallery Stroll--lots of exposure, lots of fun! The opening will be FEBRUARY 4, 6-9pm in the County Health & Justice Bldg. Food, music, coming soon.

Don't hesitate to ask us questions!