Tuesday, January 19, 2010


All right, people, look alive! On behalf of the BYUIA officers, I apologize for our month-long blog/communication hiatus. I submit that we compensate by presenting these awesome t-shirt designs submitted by such rad folks as yourselves!

the five t-shirts below are different entries-- the backs and fronts of shirts are shown:
How BYU-IA Members vote::
1. Check out these designs and pick your top TWO favorites
2. Wander on over to the hall in front of F-455 in the H-fac (the Illustration BFA studio)
3. Take a yellow slip of paper (on the wall) and put your name and two favorite t-shirts
4. Put the paper in the folder with the rad drawing of a dude saying "VOTE HERE" before january 26th
5. Wait to hear what our top 3 finalists will be!

For everyone else::

If you'd like one of these snazzy t-shirts, go on up to E-509 RIGHT NOW and sign up with the secretary to be a BYU-IA member. Cost is $35 per year, and it includes awesome discounts at places like dickblick.com, Artist's Corner, and access to our wholesale framing account. For details, comment on this post or e-mail us at byuillustrators@gmail.com. If you join, PLEASE let us know so we can add you to the list.

THEN you, too can vote and walk around wearing a sweet shirt, saving of money on all sorts of artsty stuff. Aaah, yeeeah.

We were so happy with the turnout this year. Thanks to all of you who submitted entries!

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