Monday, April 5, 2010


Sorry, folks, just got word that the party has been cancelled. Sorry to those who were excited for it!

So...check this out: (click to enlarge)

Please remember:

1) This is a pot-luck. Please sign up to bring something on the back of the studio door (F-255 in the H-fac) or e-mail back to us and we can assign you something.

2) We'd like to have some caricatures--just line drawings--of any of our professors (especially Bro. Newbold since we don't have a game for him yet), so we can bring crayons and color! ...Since that's what we do. If anyone's interested, just let us know (or just do it) but get your drawing to us by Friday at 3pm and we'll make copies for everyone. If not, our party will be coloring page-less, but still rockin.

It's gonna be great! Bring whomever you'd like --even non-art people (yeah, we like them too) :) -- everyone in!

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