Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T-Shirt Contest Entries!! Finally!

Hello BYUIA members! We finally have some beautiful options for your FREE T-SHIRT. Since we all like the democratic process (well, any Marxists out there?), we will have one or two voting sessions so YOU can choose what image represents us best in body and spirit(Did you notice how I italicized spirit, to convey its abstract nature? Clever, eh?)

Here's what you do:
1) Be a BYUIA Member (e-mail us if you wanna be!
2) Mosey on over to F-455 HFAC (BFA Studio)
3) Pick a piece of paper and write your NAME on it, along with your VOTE
4) Repeat step 3. (THAT'S RIGHT. YOU GET TWO VOTES!!!! so make 'em good)
5) Do all this before Saturday, Nov 20.

On Monday, Nov 22 and Tuesday Nov 23, check your e-mail and this blog because we will have our TOP THREE DESIGNS battling for the coveted club t-shirt design for this year. Then, you may E-MAIL ONE VOTE out of those final three.

Make sense?

Keep an eye out, and have a wonderful week-before-Thanksgiving. Stay sane! Anyways, here are the anonymous entries in no specific order:

These were all entered into the contest with thought and care by your fellow illustration students, so please look over these options carefully! Click on the photos to check out detailed, larger images.

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