Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Beginning for the BYUIA Blog

Hi everyone!

We're starting up this blog again for the purpose of getting our activities to a broader audience. We're excited to start having more regular activities.We would like to get your input on the new activities before we set them in stone. Here is the list of proposed activities:

ThankxMas Party! - Ugly Sweaters, White Elephant Gifts & Treats! (This one is already in the plans for December 1st, more info. coming soon!)

Caricature Workshop with Kim Bennett

Wreck it Ralph at Varsity Theater on Club tab

BFA Application Prep Student Panel (with students wanting to get into the BFA and students in the BFA currently.) 

Framing/Hanging a Show Resource Day with Jason

Collaborative Drawing Day (like an add on painting that we all contribute too)

Society of Illustrators Competition

Guest Artist Lectures
Carie Henrie/ Annie Henrie - Marketing/Galleries/What to do when you graduate

Grad School info from Alumni

Brownie Days (get together in the BFA studio, or a classroom and get to know each other, share art, socialize, etc.)
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT about what you would be most interested in participating in. :) Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. if i still lived in Provo, i'd be very down for the Collaborative Drawing Day. (if you turn it into a digital file, you could keep passing it around afterwards to people who couldn't make it.. could be cool to see what happens. just a thought)