Friday, November 20, 2009

...and the cow jumped over the MOOOOON

i've been drawing this guy (gal?) ever since 5th grade, when i made him up in my collection of "doodles". it's habitual that as soon as my pen hits paper when i draw this, i don't erase or start over. i have a specific way of drawing it, so it's always turns out slightly distorted and pretty organic. i don't mind, though, as it brings me back to 5th grade every time. i even made an amazing flip book about it in 6th grade! awww yeah.

it has evolved over the years, and though i'm not a great digital painter (this is first? besides color comps?) i thought he (she) deserved to be put in the proper setting. =]

(dangit, michelle, you beat me to posting this morning!)

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