Tuesday, November 10, 2009

moo cow!

When I was in Russia on study abroad, my dear old host mother Lidia Petrovna informed me over breakfast one morning that I moo like a cow when I talk. She made horns on her head with her fingers and went "MrrrrOOOOOONNNGGH" to make sure I understood, because she was also fond of telling me my Russian is awful. "That's why I leave the room so fast when you talk," she said, "because the mooing cuts my ears." Some time later, she fed me these cookies:

("MYMY" is how you spell "MOO MOO" in Russian.) Ever since then, I have felt a particular fondness for cows, and I thought if I ever made a logo for myself as an artist, it ought to be bovine. Well, I haven't come up with anything viable yet, but I still think these are cute:



  1. Good story, so much fun. Cows, woot!

  2. haha! i love those sketches, especially the one with the cow looking under his legs. :) cookies and story were great, too!