Monday, October 11, 2010

...and the 2010 Vending Machine Show!

So this is the post most people should be really excited about.

Q: "But Adam, what is this show for? And what's with the vending machines?"

This show is one of the best opportunities of the school year to collaborate with other students from other areas and come together all in the name of making art. Then the art gets sold, and all the proceeds go to the United Way Food Coalition. So really, you get to feed both your creative and sensitive/charitable side. Facebook doesn't let you do that.

Q: "You didn't answer my question about the vending machines."

True. And even though this last "question" from you wasn't technically even a question, I'll answer it anyway. It has vending machines because it's called the Vending Machine Show (or is it the other way around?). Some of the art will be made to fit within and then be distributed from said vending machines. But don't worry if you feel your art can't be restricted by such small dimensions. We'll also be putting larger work on the floor. It's all going to be held in the BF Larsen main floor on Saturday, October 30th at 6pm.

Q: "Cool. I like vending machines. So when is this Show going to be held?"
You weren't paying attention, were you? Go back and read the last part of the previous answer.

Q: "Okay. Give me a second... Wait--isn't that Halloween Eve? What about my social life?"
First of all, I'm not responsible for your social life. Secondly, there's no such thing as Halloween Eve. But I will say that we are advertising this as a Halloween Party, in addition to a fund-raising event. So there will be food, music, and general merry making. And costumes are very much welcome.

So there you have it folks. Start your art making! And as an additional plug for the BYUIA, let me say that the upcoming Art Jams are perfect occasions for making awesome art to contribute to the show. Remember, the more art submitted, the more money raised, and the more fun to be had. That's a proven formula people, so don't fight it.

Now, get back to your desks and easels!!!

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