Monday, October 11, 2010

Annual Student Meeting...

Everyone needs to come. Your boyfriends and girlfriends should come too (although, hopefully you'd just be bringing one, and not two as some may have inferred from the wording). It's THIS coming Thursday, October 14th at 11:00AM, in the Pardoe Theater. I know none of you have class during this period, so that excuse is out the window. All other excuses are also invalid, so there is no reason for the Illustration Department to be poorly represented.

There ought to be an email being forwarded to the entire student body shortly as well, so be looking for that. The goal of this Student Meeting is to make students more aware of the changes being made in the Visual Art Department, as well as allow them to voice additional questions or concerns. Plus, there's gonna be swag. You know... free stuff.

And if you're one of those who may not be bringing a significant other to this event, who knows--this could be your moment. Yes, I am implying what you're probably thinking I am.

So, whether you come to be informed, complain, collect, or find love, be there. This Thursday.

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