Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Did Someone Say... Christmas Party?!?!

This is a secret that only you and your friends and anyone else you know can hear:

There is going to be a Christmas Party soon!

Really soon, like December the 11th soon.

And it's not going to be just any party - it's a Thanksmas (between Thanksgiving and Christmas - copyright phrase from Kevin) party. And it's well documented that all Thanksmas parties are automatically guaranteed to be awesome. If you think of the awesome-est party in your imagination, and it got in a fight with this Thanksmas party, the Thanksmas party would win.  


Such a party consists of glorious and appetizing snack foods, pretty much the coolest people you'll ever meet, and...

Christmas Art!

This art will come from YOU, who has such creativity and talent that we know you're dying to do something with it all. Just bring a little doodle, sketch, or finished piece with you, maybe 4"x6" or something around that size, that has a Christmas theme.

The reason for the Christmas art?

Because we can. Also, because we're illustrators - that's just one of the cool things we do, right?

The details like the time and place will be posted later when we have more information.

Also, if you go to this party, this is what you will look like:


- Thanksmas party on Saturday, December 11th.
- Bring cool Christmas-themed art.
- This is a party for anyone and everyone - not just BYUIA members.
- Time and place to be posted at a later date.
- Please RSVP as soon as possible to the email we have sent.
- Let us know if you need rides, we'll figure that out later too.

Pass this secret on to everyone you know, because you only get a Thanksmas Party once a year.

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