Sunday, December 5, 2010


Get it?? Thanks in icky text slang + the abridged version of Christmas = Thanxmas!!! I thought you did. You also probably noticed how conveniently it is right between the two other real holidays that were never made up, and you're probably wondering if Kevin was actually ever going to post all the Thanxmas details in list format. Well wonder NO MORE!!!

-December 11th, 7:30pm, Brother Barrett's place - 897 Walnut Avenue, Provo, 84604.

-Bring a white elephant gift thing. Preferably something art-ish, that you made. or not. either one works.

-Light meal provided. Come and eat yours for free!!

-Need a ride? Have any questions/concerns? Tell it to somebody who cares (

-Celebrate Thanxmas

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