Monday, January 17, 2011

Society of Illustrators HUGE Competition.

Attention all you wonderful illustration students! You just got this email, if you're on the BYUIA mailing list.

There is A VERY IMPORTANT competition coming up, and a GREAT OPPORTUNITY......



Entries due on Monday, January 24th

(the website says February 2nd but we need time to submit all the entries: you MUST submit the entries via BYU Illustration Department)

Email all entries to BYUIA:

Entry Specifications: 
72 DPI, RGB, JPEG at 500 pixels on its longest side, horizontal or vertical. 
In your email please specify the following: 

Your Name, Name of
Piece, Name of Instructor, Medium

$5 fee per entry (check made out to BYU)
Turn in money to our President,  Kristin Gulledge

Straight-Up Facts:

1. This is a competition that must be submitted through the illustration department, so email your submissions to this account, by January 24th, 2011.

2. The image to upload must be 500 pixels on its longest size (horizontal or vertical), 72DPI, and RGB format. This is pretty small, so it must be a quality image. SEND IT IN THE RIGHT FORMAT. Wrong format = no submission. 

3. Every entry is $5.00 (in the real world this is ridiculously cheap, especially for the quality of this competition), which must be made out to BYU with your submission. You can bring the checks to Kristin Gulledge, who is often in the BFA studio during the day.

4. The prizes range anywhere from $500.00 to thousands of dollars. If you are accepted, you get your work submitted in a magazine. This is a great opportunity for publicity and experience, so invest in your work and your future. Don't pass this one up!

5. Submit as many pieces as possible. They should be of good quality, but quantity greatly increases your chance of success in this competition. And they LOVE BYU students. We had 7 winners last year. 

6. Here is the website's competition info. And here are last year's BYU winners.

P.S. Are you an animator? There is an animation section that can be entered. I don't know if we have anyone interested in that, but if you or a friend wants the info, let us know.

QUESTIONS? Send them either to or talk to Madeline or Kristin.

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