Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will Strong (Fearless Leader 2009 - 2010)

I thought about writing some fake bio for myself but I couldn't decide between "The Chosen One" and "International Man of Misery."  So I thought I would post evidence of me messing around in Photo Booth.

You may have guessed from my immaturity that I want to be a children's illustrator.  I also want to write for children (picture books, chapter books, early readers, comics, etc.)  My short term dream is to someday see my book at an elementary school book fair.

I am fearless.  I am your leader.  I am... Will Strong, BYUIA Fearless Leader (for this school year at least.)


  1. first photo:

    "Fearless Leader and the Whale".

    it's your autobiography cover, will-- children's book style! go illustrate it, go!

  2. Messing around in Photo Booth looks like a great way to play with character design! Sneaky sneaky.