Friday, January 7, 2011

STUFF! Little pieces of it.

Hey Everyone! 

I hope your break was fantastic! Winter 2011 is going to be full of awesome Illustration opportunities, so buckle up!

Here are a few random teasers, with an intentional lack of information that is coming soon! (Not that we don't have the info, it's just that I don't want to have to break this e-mail up into chapters, cuz there's so much. Especially without pictures; that would just be cruel.)

1) The SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS competition entries are due at the end of January! Be preparing pieces to submit. This is VERY important.

2) Next month, the BYU Illustration department has our very own ART SHOW at the County Health & Justice Building! Again, be thinking of  and preparing pieces to submit. These must be framed.

4) I saw on Twitter that Josh Cochran is looking for an intern this spring! He said to e-mail him if interested, I say you should just talk to Bethanne, because she's great at getting students internships! 

5) There are some sweet deals going on at, especially on canvases. Remember if you're in the club you already get 15% off of any non-sale item. Wha-chinggg!

6) For all of you in the BYU Illustrators' Association, our T-shirts are in!! More details coming soon.

7) Remember that $10,000 scholarship contest where all you do is make a little greeting card design? Yeah, those entries are due NEXT WEEK. January 15. $10,000 ...TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Jus' sayin. 

So, we'll get info and prioritize what to send and get it out to you as soon as possible via e-mail. Be on the lookout!

I also e-mailed this post to everyone on the mailing list today. If you are reading this and are a BYU student who didn't get that e-mail, let us know at and we'll put your name on the list so you can get the details! 

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